Daniel Oliver is a designer and founder of Amped based in Cornwall.

Since it's creation in 2010, Amped has grown to become an industry leader, providing world class motocross graphics, racewear and apparel to the off-road motorcycle and action sports market.

Alongside Amped, Daniel feeds his passion for design working with select clients and brands as well as a number of personal projects including KRNW Watches, Moto Sticker Pack and Valdo.

You can follow Daniel on Instagram and Twitter.

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Moto Message App

The Moto Sticker Pack comes with over 40 moto-inspired icons with more to come in future versions.

Whether you're letting your mate know they rode like a rookie at the weekend, or rode like the G.O.A.T himself, there's a sticker for that.

Moto Message iMessage App

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